I will keep working for you!


As a pastor, a friend, a mentor, and a community leader, I have heard the cries of the people of Gadsden and Leon counties. For decades I have listened in earnest and guided the people of our community through some very difficult times: From consoling a mother whose child was dying from a terminal illness behind prison walls to counseling families who are struggling through a pandemic and the economic woes that came with it. From working with at-risk youth who have been left behind by our educational system to inspiring and supporting our small businesses and entrepreneurs.  My life is dedicated to public service. 

Through the grace of God and our community, I answered the call to mend the fabric of the communities that I once damaged (Read Greg James’ inspiring story). For decades, I have lived with, worked beside, and advocated for the people of Gadsden and Leon counties, speaking almost daily with community and legislative leaders to address our constituents’ most pressing concerns.

As your State House Representative, I will continue to work and advocate for you. I will ensure that every person in District 8 has access and influence in the Florida House of Representatives. 

I will keep working for you. 

I’ll be your voice in the Florida House.


I have been working and will continue to work for the constituents of District 8.

I have been working and will continue to work for the constituents of District 8.  I will continue fighting for EQUALITY for all Floridians, A stronger ECONOMY that benefits District 8 and all Floridians, EDUCATION that benefits all students at each development stage and non-discriminate educational funding. Politics has no place in schools. ENVIRONMENT, clean energy options, and ongoing innovative infrastructure development, ENFORCEMENT OF LAW,  working to prevent and reduce incidents of violence, more specifically gun violence and crime in our communities.


Greg James believes in the power of education. He understands that our children are living through a pandemic that has inflamed the harsh, underlying social and economic problems that keep them from succeeding in school. These are preventable problems that discourage too many of our students from completing high school and attending college or trade school—preventable problems that lead some young people to lives of crime and violence. We must eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline by providing full, wrap-around services to support our students. We must invest more in our schools, bridge the digital divide, pay our teachers a respectable living wage, and remove the threat of violence in our schools.


Small business owners are the backbone of our economy. We must provide opportunities for individuals and families to build thriving businesses by cutting governmental red tape. We need to open the State of Florida to work with small and minority-owned businesses. We must provide training and reduce the requirements for Florida-based business owners to apply for state contracts.


From his own experience, Greg James knows that crime and violence stem from a lack of economic and educational opportunities. Children do not join gangs or commit crimes for “pension” benefits. Kids join gangs to survive. We must address the root of the problem by establishing childhood enrichment programs and preventative mental health programs, by creating better jobs with advancement opportunities, by legislating reasonable gun laws that limit access to assault weapons, and by closing the loophole on universal background checks for gun purchases.


All people deserve equal access to quality healthcare, decent housing, and affordable food and medicine, but the reality in District 8 is that many of our senior citizens struggle to survive. The most venerated people in our community are often the most vulnerable and are forced to make the unacceptable choice between food and medicine, between a visit with their doctor and paying rent. We must expand Medicare and the Medwaiver, fight to keep prescription costs low, tackle the crises of housing and long-term care, and expand—not limit—voting access, including vote by mail.

Meet Greg James

Gregory James is a prolific revivalist, motivational speaker, humanitarian, social activist, author, publisher, community leader, and friend known for his steadfast compassion and advocacy for the citizens of Florida for more than 30 years. A native of Tallahassee, Fla., James is the founder and chief executive officer of Reclaiming the Land, Inc., (RTL) a corporation that promotes progressive policies, including equality and justice, strategic public-private partnerships, and re-enfranchisement of the formerly incarcerated. He is also the founding senior pastor of Life Church International Center, founded in 2010.