Meet Greg James

Candidate For House of Representatives (District 8)

Gregory James is Florida Native, pastor, community activist, constituent organizer and friend.  Greg is a son of Tallahassee, Florida, who has been consistent in his compassion for the citizens of Florida.

Candidate Bio

He is known as a prolific revivalist, motivational speaker, humanitarian, social activist, author, and publisher.  His portfolio is comprised of over 30 years of experience as a community leader.  He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reclaiming the Land, Inc., (RTL) a corporation that promotes progressive policies, including equality and justice, strategic public-private partnerships and re-enfranchisement of the formerly incarcerated; He is also the Founding Senior Pastor of Life Church International Center, founded in 2010.

While Greg is distinguished as a “community activist and constituent organizer” and his works have allowed him to attain great accomplishments; it is noteworthy while serving as Senior Pastor in the 1980’s to one of the largest churches in the Northwest Florida region, he was convicted and sentenced to Life+40 years in Federal Prison.  His conviction nationally televised, was divinely ordained and divinely overturned after he served 13.5 years in Federal Prison.  His divine release thrusted him into the civil rights fight to turn the power of dissent and protest toward the formerly incarcerated into tangible legislation impacting the lives of the formerly incarcerated locally and statewide.

Years later, his outspoken oratorical demand “Give us our ballot, we want to live free,” emerged him once again into the national spotlight, but this time as an outspoken advocate for the re-enfranchisement of the non-violent formerly incarcerated. His high visibility in this controversial protest of the disenfranchisement of the formerly incarcerated In the State of Florida, gained wide coverage in the national media and precipitated confrontation and intimate debate with local, state and national governmental officials. Greg is known as one of the leading grassroots organizers for the passing of Florida’s Amendment 4-Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative in 2018.

Gregory James commitment to remain transparent has birthed two books: NAKED, which gives a peek at his tumultuous journey to and from prison; and his most recent publication LEVERAGE, which is an autobiographic-coaching tool, which addresses getting your greatest value from your lowest point.    He is the host of The Greg James Community Show, which informs, empowers and re-engages communities civically at all levels, thereby giving their voice more volume.

As a follower of Christ, he continues to declare unapologetically his eternal commitment to his life work for the Lord, while integrating and leveraging his para-legal law training from Blackstone School of Law to further ensure justice and equality for all.

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